• - Get yourself on the polymer clay & paperclip chain jewelry trend with these fun/colorful earrings from TaifJewelry. This Earring is handmade, minimalist, fun, bright and can get you complement wherever you go.

    - These Clay Dangle Earrings are stunning and absolutely perfect for summer fun/colorful look.

    - This beautifully Handcrafted summer blue color Clay Earring is sure to make a statement! Each piece is hand crafted out of polymer clay, which is a very delicate, lightweight and comfortable material.

    - MATERIAL :

    - Polymer Clay & Gold Plated Paperclip chain.

    - Hypoallergenic posts.


    - Earrings Drop LENGTH : 3 Inch

    - Earrings WIDTH : 2 Inch

    - Weight : 9.42 grams


    - Blue.


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    • Our Jewelries are fragile so we highly recommend you to treat them gently.
    • Always store them in their box/pouch separately from other jewelry items.
    • Do not bend or allow anything heavy to sit on the item.
    • Do not place any jewelry item in a bag without placing them in their box/pouch.
    • To clean Brass: Q-Tip of white vinegar, salt & flour.
    • To clean Polymer Clay: Wipe them clean with a soft damp cloth. If you have stubborn makeup use acetone and spot-clean the surface of your item lightly.