• - Beautiful and light weight these little lovely’s will go with anything. Elegant and simple these earrings won’t disappoint.

    - Their simple , fun textures and beautiful spring colors will bring a spark of interest to your lovely face. Comes with unique styles and matches with any style of clothing, or share them with your sisters and family, earrings are very light and cute which will be a nice and affordable addition to your styling!

    - Polymer clay is extremely lightweight and naturally flexible

    - The earrings can easily be worn all day .

    - Hardware is made from hypoallergenic, surgical grade brass. 

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    • Our Jewelries are fragile so we highly recommend you to treat them gently.
    • Always store them in their box/pouch separately from other jewelry items.
    • Do not bend or allow anything heavy to sit on the item.
    • Do not place any jewelry item in a bag without placing them in their box/pouch.
    • To clean Brass: Q-Tip of white vinegar, salt & flour.
    • To clean Polymer Clay: Wipe them clean with a soft damp cloth. If you have stubborn makeup use acetone and spot-clean the surface of your item lightly.